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Kassaki Charcuterie is located in the village of Galatas, in the Municipality of Minoa Pediadas, just half an hour from Heraklion. Built on a hill, among the olive groves, it enjoys a unique view of the village of Galatas and the Astrakiano gorge.

At the place where our family tradition of handmade cured meat products started at the beginning of the 20th century and continues to this day, we created “Avli” (greek word for courtyard).

At “Avli,” we offer charcuterie tastings and comprehensive taste experiences that emerge through the gastronomy of Crete. Our handmade cured meats are paired with products from local producers, and each dish on our menu tells a story of authentic flavours and a long culinary tradition.

Prior reservation is required!

Αvli’s Mezze

A unique experience for traditional tastes lovers.

Indulge in the exquisite taste of our handmade cured meats and learn from Manolis Kassakis, a 4th generation charcutier, about their preparation, history, and significance in Cretan tradition and local cuisine.



Cretan charcuterie and cheese tasting in Heraklion

Indulge in the authentic flavors of Crete by sampling its traditional cured meats and cheeses! 
Our tasting experience pairs four handcrafted cold meats with four Cretan cheeses from a local cheese producer. Delight in a variety of textures and flavors while learning about the preparation methods and aging times of the cheeses and cured meats. The tasting is combined with a glass of wine from the Cretan vineyard. 


We invite you to see our "home", meet us and see the way we produce deli products!



April – September

Monday – Friday: 11.00 – 16.00

(upon request)

Saturday: 10.00 – 17.00

(upon request)


upon request

You can wander freely in the facilities and the garden with the animals as well as product tasting in the yard.

Duration: 1 Hour


The package includes a simulated presentation on how we produce traditional cured, smoked meats and product tasting in the yard.

Duration: 2 Hours



The company is located in the village of Galatas in Crete and it is also where we produce our products & harvest the materials. Galatas is … kilometres from Heraklion and you can reach us by car. You can visit the old, traditional village of Galatas and the beautiful countryside of Crete, admire the wild landscape with the olive groves and the vineyards. The Kassakis company is located on the top of the hill overlooking the village and is open to visits to visitors & culinary professional from all over the world. We will welcome you in a beautiful scenery and make sure you experience the art of producing quality smoked meat.
* In order to find us through GPS first search the route to Arkalochori and then change the route for the village Galatas.

Village of Galatas Arkalochori, Greece      (+30) 2891 023314      info@afoikassaki.gr

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We move forward with respect to the past and confidence in the future.

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