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Manolis Kassakis

As a young  child, introduced to his grandfather’s secret sausage recipes, Manolis Kassakis decided to follow in his footsteps and study the subject of food technology.

Combined with his passion for the culinary arts, he does not miss an opportunity to create new recipes and experiment with the production of cured meat products  based on various types of meat. The backbone of the Cold cuts Kassaki. company is its team of young people full of passion and passion for new flavors! However, they function as a standard unit of traditional delicatessen that delivers pure handmade meat products, using high quality raw materials, creating memories, because the taste is memory and should be as nice as possible… and our cured meat products are trying to do that, to bring back  memories!

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We move forward with respect to the past and confidence in the future.


“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”

Tasty Ideas!

Tasty Ideas!


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